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AQumen’s team of highly qualified specialists facilitate the learning and development of new and existing skills and thereby enhancing the growth potential of companies simultaneously preparing workforce with the skills essential to successful employment in YOUR industry...


  • Management Development Programs (MDPs)

  • Unit Based Programs (UBP)

  • English Language and Soft Skills Training

  • Outward Bound Learning (OBL)

WE partner with you to create and realize YOUR visions and add tangible value to YOUR business.


Training Style Used

When we undertake a training task for your organization we use a form of the Experiential/Cognitive educational style. Since much of what our programs offer is expressible in the cognitive format, we deliver it that way. By communicating clearly the significant conceptual or factual content, we establish a framework, a foundation for learning.
But for the concepts we usually deal with, cognitive approaches are often inadequate by themselves. For example, if we are dealing with the difficult issues of interpersonal conflict, our objective is to guide in such a way that the new skills and insights will be available to the participants even when they are feeling stressed. Cognitive learning just isn’t up to that task.
Experiential learning has some significant advantages in this regard. Using simulations and other metaphors, we create experiences that parallel the situations in which we want the ideas to be available. These simulations might involve movement, role-play, games, art, or improvisation, all directed at creating situations analogous to the ones in which we want the learning to be accessible.
The idea of experiential learning is that by crafting the simulation or metaphor carefully, so as to involve the participants more fully in the training process, the learning’s will be more readily accessible and imprinted in real situations.
That is our goal, and that is why we use an Experiential/Cognitive training style.

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