Consultancy Services

Too many organizations spend significant energy and time putting together the “best” plan only to have that plan put on the bookshelf or in a drawer. Too many grab hold of the latest management fad. Too many see a “best practice” in another organization and try to use it in their organization without considering that their organization may be in a very different context or have a culture in which that “best practice” doesn’t work.
AQumen helps you figure out the “best practice” for you.

AQumen’s Focus

  • Total systems improvement

  • Especially organizational culture – adapting to the opportunities of the environment while enhancing organizational integrity and integration


When AQumen works with an organization, we operate on the assumption that most of the wisdom and expertise needed already exists in the people of that organization. Our job is to help them draw on that competence; possibly expand the range of information they are looking at; and offer ways to understand and act on the information and wisdom they have.

  • Collaboration – Participation of the client in the improvement process; involvement of all levels of the organization in the analysis-discovery, planning-strategizing, and implementation of the process

  • Increase Capacity – Develop the capacity of the system for continuous improvement of its organizational life; increase competence and commitment

  • Planned Change – Engage a process of understanding, setting direction and action

  • Empowerment – Finding ways to more fully use people’s gifts, develop individuals and teams, while meeting organizational needs and being successful

  • Appreciative Process – Working in a manner that identifies the organization’s strengths, core values and patterns of success and then builds on them in developing direction, creating opportunities and solving problems.


1. Discovery - The client and AQumen work together to develop a shared understanding of the situation.
2. Contract -The client and AQumen agree on the scope and objectives of the project and the responsibilities of participants in the project.
3. Diagnosis - The client and AQumen work together in gathering and understanding data. The purpose is to establish a shared, deeper & broader understanding of the organization, opportunities and problems, and the context the organization works within.
4. Planning & Designing - The client and AQumen identify the best intervention to make based on the diagnosis.
5. Action & Implementation - The client and AQumen work together to monitor and guide the intervention process.
6. Evaluation – The client and AQumen assess the results, celebrate successes, draw any learning from the process, and identify next steps.
7. Follow-up - AQumen follows up at an agreed time to explore with the client the current status of the consultancy project and to explore any need for further assistance.

AQumen’s Consultancy Services

  • Organization Renewal Systems – Change Management

  • Employee Branding 

  • Organization Culture Renewal 

  • Psychometric Testing

  • Performance Management

  • Performance Appraisals

  • HR Policy And Staff Handbooks

  • Succession Planning

  • Job Design And Definition

  • Organization Structure And Design

  • Conflict Management & Negotiations

  • Relationship Management

  • Role Integration

  • Organizational Values And Visions

  • Job Satisfaction; Organizational Culture (Assessments & Surveys)

  • Coaching & Mentoring

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