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A number of studies reveal that those who have an advanced knowledge of the English language are much more likely to advance in their careers. In addition to this, these studies have also demonstrated that a strong command of the English language leads to higher paying jobs, more social mobility, and a great deal of social success.

Many people think that knowing a lot of words is a key to fluent speaking. It’s true! However, there are many people who have wide idiolect and problem with fluency. They try to learn more and more words because they think vocabulary is their problem. They don’t realize the problem is somewhere else. They always try to use a literal translation of the word they want to use, but it causes that they often get stuck.
At AQumen, all the sessions are extremely interactive so that participants start thinking in English and learn to speak RIGHT English with RIGHT Words!

We provide different levels of courses to suit the exact requirement of participants like

  • Speak Easy Foundation

  • Speak Easy Advance

  • Speak Easy Fluent

  • Corporate Communication

  • Personality Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Self Presentation

  • Social Etiquettes

  • Business Etiquettes

and much more….

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